National Publisher Services gives publishers a competitive advantage. Use our expertise to help your business work smarter, cut costs, and increase profit.

Our clients view NPS as an extension of their own company. We are a strategic outsource solution for publishers, offering a full range of services:

  • Newsstand sales
  • Subscription marketing
  • New Media Opportunities
  • Paper services

The seven principals of NPS have held leadership positions with Publishers, National Distributors and Wholesalers, and have over 160 years of experience making decisions and positively impacting the businesses with which they have been involved. Since the formation of NPS, we have utilized our collective experience and expertise to create win-win-win situations for our clients. As the magazine industry continues to evolve at all levels, NPS is on the leading edge in proactively managing the business needs of our clients to ensure that they are in position to take full advantage of the opportunities that continue to exist in the marketplace.


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